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Alex Dunmow

Chief Executive Officer

At the age of 11, Alex entered the game dev world, building Quake 2 mods. Alex was drawn to the tech industry as a young adult, starting with assembling PCs for an MSP and then tech support for ISPs. His career in technology ranged from managing data centers and cloud services to software development consulting.

He formed Ninja Software in 2016 with John Nguyen, offering high concept software development solutions Australia-wide. In 2020, this partnership led to the creation of Ninja Syndicate; a product design company focused entirely on GameFi and MetaFi.

Alex’s vision is to bring sovereign ownership of digital game assets and interoperability of game worlds through NFTs. You can read more about Alex’s metaverse vision in his manifesto at proofofmetaverse.com.

Three facts about Alex
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    Learned to code by writing mods for Quake

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    Fell in love with computers thanks to Commander Keen and Doom

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    Believes technology should be used for good